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Baby Bee Soap: Experience the gentle touch of our Baby Bee Soap, a pure and nurturing bar resting on a pristine white backdrop.
Baby Bee Soap - A pure and nurturing bar, resting on a pristine white backdrop. Experience the gentle touch of our natural soap, perfect for tender care. Ideal for little ones and the whole family.
Three Baby Bee Soaps - One standing upright, while two are stacked neatly next to it. Experience the gentle touch of our nurturing and natural soap, perfect for tender care. Ideal for little ones and the whole family.
Baby Bee Soap in Dish on Blue Towel - Nurturing and natural soap surrounded by suds in a dish, resting on a blue towel.
Packaged Baby Bee Soap - Labelled and wrapped with care in white tissue paper, featuring an eye-catching blue sticker.

Soap - Baby Bee

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Bees are known for their nurturing nature, caring diligently for their young in the hive. Drawing inspiration from this tender side of bees, we bring you our Baby Bee Soap, a gentle, nourishing touch for your little one's skin. But don't let the name fool you - this soap is perfect for anyone who seeks a soft, mild cleanse with high moisturizing properties.

Our Baby Bee Soap is a testament to simplicity and purity. Crafted with merely three ingredients:

• Saponified olive oil (grown and produced in Central Victoria)

• Fresh goat's milk

• A hint of honey

Plus, a generous amount of patience.

Known as 'castile' soaps, olive oil-based soaps are treasured for their ultra-moisturizing qualities. But they demand time. When rushed, they might come off as slimy or lack that satisfying, creamy lather. That's why our Baby Bee Soap is aged for several months. This ensures a luxuriously creamy lather that only gets richer with time.

With every wash, our Baby Bee Soap wraps your skin in a gentle, hydrating embrace, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.

Key Features:

• Unscented, to minimize potential skin irritants, ideal for sensitive skin

• Leaves a fresh, delightful scent on the skin

• Non-drying, ensuring your skin remains hydrated

• Gentle enough for the tender skin of babies

• Made from all-natural ingredients

• Cured for several months for optimal gentleness and longevity

Embrace the loving touch of our Baby Bee Soap - it's nature's way of caring for you and your little one!

Ingredients: Saponified Australian olive oil, fresh goat’s milk, raw honey.

Size: Our Baby Bee soap bars weigh approximately 110g. It’s important to keep in mind that since each bar is hand-cut, there may be slight variations in size.

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