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Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm: Experience the natural goodness of macadamia and honey lip balm as it rests gracefully on a rock, the open tin revealing the soothing balm. Nourish your lips amidst the tranquil setting of the rock on a honey-coloured backdrop.
Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm: An elegant and refined image, showcasing a hand holding the lip balm against a backdrop of our signature blue colour.
Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm: Discover the essence of nature as the lid is slightly off, revealing the nourishing balm inside, resting gracefully on a natural rock.
Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm: Embrace nature’s goodness with our soothing blend under a clear blue sky, set on a picturesque Australian beach.
Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm: Embrace nature’s goodness with our soothing blend as the open tin reveals the balm, set against a picturesque Australian beach backdrop with waves crashing under a clear blue sky.

Bee Body - Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm

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Flavour notes

This Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm offers a mild flavour profile that is creamy with a hint of sweetness. The organic macadamia oil we use has a neutral flavour profile with only a very slightly nutty taste.


Get ready to fall in love with our Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm, a customer favourite that’s all-natural, fragrance free and highlights the hydrating properties of honey.

We couldn’t resist including macadamia oil in our lip balm. It’s native to Australia and packed with nourishing fatty acids that work wonders for your skin. Plus, its mild flavour allows the honey to take centre stage and steal the show!

In the process of developing this lip balm, we recognised the vital role bees play in the pollination of macadamia trees. Since macadamia trees require cross-pollination, bees are essential to the production of delicious macadamia nuts and the precious oil that we use in our lip balm.

To keep things simple and let our star ingredients shine, we carefully selected only FIVE ingredients to deliver everything your lips crave.

Let’s break it down

  1. Macadamia Oil: The secret to skin compatibility. Packed with skin-loving palmitoleic acid, it repairs your lips delicate barrier like a pro. Since lips have one of the thinnest protective barriers on the body and lack sebaceous glands to keep them moist, our lip balm with macadamia oil restores the moisture balance.
  2. Honey: It’s a lip hydration hero. Drawing in moisture like a magnet, it leaves your lips feeling lusciously soft and sweet. Yum!
  3. Beeswax: The ultimate lip protector. This thick wonder adds a lasting moisture seal while creating a shield against the elements. Chapped lips? Not on our watch!
  4. Almond Oil: This little gem conditions and soothes your lips, leaving them smooth and pampered.
  5. Vitamin E: The warrior against ageing. With its powerful antioxidants, it fights off pesky free radicals and helps your lips stay healthy.

Say goodbye to dry lips and let our lip balm work its magic. Your lips deserve the best, and we’re here to deliver it in a deliciously natural way.


Certified organic macadamia oil, certified organic sweet almond oil, Australian beeswax, raw honey and natural vitamin E.

Size: 12g