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Honey - Creamed Grey Box
Honey - Creamed Grey Box
Honey - Creamed Grey Box
Honey - Creamed Grey Box

Honey - Creamed Grey Box

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Exciting news! We’ve taken a classic Australian honey and made it even better – introducing our creamed grey box honey.

Our hardworking bees couldn’t resist the nectar from grey box trees. Earlier this year, we had an abundance of grey box blossoms in and around Broadford, providing a feast for our bees. It was a welcome relief after a challenging couple of seasons.

Grey box is known for its mild and distinct flavour, with subtle caramel undertones. By creaming the honey, we’ve preserved those lovely caramel notes and achieved a thick, velvety texture.

Creaming honey involves carefully controlling the crystallisation process, resulting in fine, uniform crystals and a luxurious creamy consistency. Say goodbye to solid masses of honey – this one spreads effortlessly on bread, crumpets and whatever else you fancy!

Enjoy it straight from the jar or try it as a spread on toast, crackers or scones. It’s also a great addition to hot beverages like tea and works wonderfully as a sweetener in recipes.

Our creamed honey is available for a limited time only.

So go ahead, treat yourself to a jar of creamed honey goodness before it’s gone!

Size: 250g