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Calendula & Coconut Body Balm: Discover the nourishing blend of calendula, coconut, beeswax and honey in a clear glass jar, with the lid resting gracefully beside it. Set on a light grey rock against a warm honey-coloured backdrop.
Calendula & Coconut Body Balm: Elegantly held in hand against warm honey-coloured backdrop, experience the soothing blend of calendula and coconut for nourished skin.
Calendula & Coconut Body Balm: Lid resting on a rock, balm beside it, revealing its golden colour and rich texture for a soothing skin experience.
Calendula & Coconut Body Balm: Embrace nature’s soothing embrace as the balm is held amidst a serene beach setting. With pebbles underfoot and turquoise waters glistening, a tranquil backdrop frames the scene, where a relaxed female figure enjoys the beauty of the beach in her bathing suit.
Calendula & Coconut Body Balm Review: “Forever sneaking this on Kingston's face when he's asleep. Helps his dry skin immediately.” Heart-warming feedback from a happy customer who lovingly applies our balm to her baby's face. Our nourishing blend with calendula and coconut provides gentle relief for delicate skin.
Calendula & Coconut Body Balm Review: “Delivery a few weeks ago from Bee Body. Loving the Body Balm.” A delightful snapshot showcasing our Body Balm on a wooden table, accompanied by our signature packaged soaps and a postage box in the background. Thank you for sharing your love for our nourishing Body Balm!

Bee Body - Calendula & Coconut Body Balm

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Introducing our Body Balm, the do-it-all remedy inspired by the marvels of bees, honey and botanical extracts.

This little wonder is ready to rescue your skin whenever it’s feeling dry, irritated or in need of an extra dose of moisture.

Our versatile balm can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Dry/flakey skin
  • Cracked skin on hands and feet
  • Dry cuticles
  • Rashes
  • Insect bites
  • Tattoo aftercare
  • Waxing aftercare

Why do we love it? Well, it’s a true skin hero without any harmful ingredients!

No synthetic additives, emulsifiers or preservatives here. Just pure, natural goodness packed with organic oils, calendula extract, raw honey, beeswax and vitamin E.

Plus, it’s an active ingredient powerhouse – no water or fillers to dilute its magic. It gradually absorbs, forming a protective barrier that pampers and shields your skin.

You can thank the brilliance of beeswax for that! Just like bees use beeswax to construct their sturdy hive, it serves as a fantastic barrier for your skin, guarding it against the elements and locking in moisture.  

And here’s the best part – no added fragrance oils. Our balm has a naturally captivating scent, featuring hints of coconut, warm honey and beeswax.

So go ahead and enjoy the sweetness of nature’s treasures with our Body Balm – a powerful companion for your skin!

How to apply:

Using it is a breeze. Here’s how to get the most out of it:

  1. Start with clean, dry skin.
  2. Take a small amount of the product and warm it up between your hands.
  3. Gently massage it into the desired area. It will leave a barrier and absorb gradually.
  4. Use as needed, reapplying whenever your skin needs a little extra love and care.

Remember, a little goes a long way, so start with a small amount and adjust as needed.

Key Ingredients 

Raw honey

With its hydrating and anti-bacterial properties, honey is perfect for softening the skin and combating irritations.


Thickens the formula, seals in moisture and forms a protective barrier for the skin.

Calendula flower extract

Renowned for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, calendula is a trusted treatment for the skin.

Organic coconut oil

Packed with lauric acid, a powerful saturated fat, coconut oil offers antimicrobial properties that help soothe and calm inflamed skin.

Organic olive oil

Abundant in squalene, olive oil acts as an anti-ageing agent while promoting barrier repair.

Natural vitamin E

Combating free radicals and slowing down fatty acid oxidisation, vitamin E contributes to maintaining healthy skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Can I use the Body Balm on my face?

Yes, you can use it to treat a skin condition. We recommend patch testing it on the irritated skin first. If you find it soothing and healing, continue applying a small amount as needed until the condition resolves. For regular application, we suggest using a product specifically formulated for the face, as too much coconut oil is not ideal for facial pores. However, our Body Balm is great for resolving specific skin conditions on the face, such as dry, irritated skin on cheeks or flakey skin at the hairline.

Can I use it to remove eye make-up?

Absolutely! Our Body Balm is an excellent eye make-up remover. Simply apply it to your eyebrows, lashes and eyelids, then remove with a warm, damp cloth or cotton pad.

Would this be good for cracked heels?

Definitely! Our Body Balm works wonders for cracked heels, providing the nourishment and moisture they need.

Can I use it on my baby’s bum/as a nappy cream?

Absolutely! Our Body Balm is gentle and safe, making it a perfect choice for your baby’s delicate skin.

How do I store it?

Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its quality. Please note that since this is a natural product without emulsifiers, the consistency may change due to temperature fluctuations.

Does it come in bulk?

Yes! We offer a 400g tub for professional salon use or for individuals. For enquiries about bulk orders, please email us at hello@beebody.com.au.


Certified organic coconut oil, certified organic olive oil, calendula flower extract, pure Australian beeswax, raw honey, natural vitamin E. 

Size: 60g