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Cacao & Vanilla Lip Balm: A luxurious blend of beeswax, honey, cacao and vanilla lip balm showcased with the lid off. Placed on a rock with honey-coloured paper background. Nourish your lips with our quality lip care product.
Cacao & Vanilla Lip Balm: A soothing blend of beeswax, honey, cacao and vanilla lip balm, elegantly held by a hand against a warm honey-coloured background. Experience nourished lips with our natural lip care product.
Cacao & Vanilla Lip Balm: Nourishing blend of beeswax, honey, cacao and vanilla resting gracefully on a natural rock with the lid off. Experience the soothing benefits of our product amidst a serene honey-coloured backdrop.
Cacao & Vanilla Lip Balm: Enjoy the nourishing blend of beeswax, honey, cacao and vanilla with the product held against a picturesque Australian beach backdrop. Embrace the soothing benefits under a clear blue sky and scenic natural environment.

Bee Body - Cacao & Vanilla Lip Balm

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Flavour notes

Delicate hints of cacao and vanilla meet the natural sweetness of honey, all wrapped up in a creamy texture.


If you had to choose between honey and chocolate, which would it be?

Why not have the best of both worlds!

We’ve created a sweet treat for your lips with plenty of honey and a hint of cacao and vanilla.

And guess what? It’s not only tasty, it’s ultra nourishing too! This lip balm is highly emollient, meaning it’s super soothing and conditioning.  

Whether you’re buzzing around town or taking a cosy break in the hive, our creamy lip balm is your go-to for everyday TLC.

At Bee Body, we believe in keeping things natural and subtle – no overpowering scents or synthetic flavours here. Just the goodness of nutritious oils and honey working their magic.

What you put on your lips matters. After all, some of it ends up in your stomach. That’s why we’re dedicated to crafting healthy products you can trust.

Smooth and long-lasting, our Cacao & Vanilla Lip Balm will be there for you when your lips need it. 

Say goodbye to dryness and hello to hydrated, happy lips!


Certified organic sweet almond oil, Australian beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, raw honey, certified organic olive oil, vanilla bean extract, natural vitamin E and cacoa C02 oil.

Size: 12g